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              Company History  

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              Company History

              1980 July: Company was established to design and manufacture automated machine tools, and processing of precision machinery.

              1992 May: Developed CNC machine tool main spindle tool unclamping cylinder, and received related patents in US, Japan, Taiwan and China.

              1996 March: Developed pneumatic tool changing mechanism and CNC tool magazine series and received related patents in US, Japan, Taiwan and China.

              1998 June: Developed Chain type, Carousel type, and Gate type tool magazines.

              2000 March: Swing arm carousel type, server umbrella tool magazines, and horizontal hydraulic tool changing mechanism passes ISO 9002 quality certification (BVQI)

              2002 July: Develop new horizontal tool magazine.

              2002 October: Pneumatic tool changing mechanism production reaches 4500 unit in 6 years. Began manufacturing second generation Machines. ( rotation time decrease from 2.3 seconds to 1.8 and 1.5 second). Patent pending.

              2002 December: Developed new Carousel type tool magazine with faster tool changing speed and better stability. capable of 0.8 second one way change speed. patent pending.

              2003 January: Design of second generation G6000 bearing type main spindle tool unclamping mechanism complete, unclamping time within 0.3 second. patent pending.

              2003 January: Passing ISO 9001 quality certification(BVQ1), Developing main spindle tool changing bearing mechanism.

              2005: Developed horizontal various tool holder tool magazine.

              2006: Developed dynamic type tool holder ( Chain type).

              2007: Developed central tapping station.

              2008: Developed G5000 unclamping cylinder, horizontal tool magazine.

              2009: announced new horizontal type tool magazine at the 2009 TIMTOS show in Taipei.