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              Service Locations  

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              Service Location

              China agent: Chen Shang Industrial Co., Ltd. in Shanghai has terminated the contract of agency.

              Main Market:

              South Korea, China, Brazil, Canada, India, Spain, Poland, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, USA , Switzerland , Turkey

              Service Points:

              Chen Sound Industrial Co.,Ltd
              TEL: +886-4-25624338
              FAX: +886-4-25629520

              China Agents (Sales & Service Positions)

              Shanghai Huiwen Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
              TEL: 021-69172124
              FAX: 021-69172118

              Shanghai Yuan Ding Trading Co.,ltd.
              TEL: 021-60296560
              FAX: 021-60296562

              Beijing Gold Shine Precision Machine Co.,Ltd.
              TEL: 0316-7788969
              FAX: 0316-7788990